Packaging Optimization

  • Corporate Health Initiatives Consulting's (CorpHI) strategy is a risk-based approach to project deployment. CorpHI supplements internal teams in terms of either bandwidth or expertise. With significant ePedigree and serialization experience from pilot and production deployments, as well as relationships with technology solution leaders in those areas, its risk-based approach applies the appropriate track and trace and anti-counterfeiting technologies that best match the risk profile of the drug product portfolio. Striking the right balance between track and trace technologies, additional anti-counterfeiting measures and other supply chain controls is critical to ensuring patient safety.
  • Tying all of the pieces together into a consistent, viable long-term strategy and then implementing this plan globally is a significant undertaking, given the changing landscape of technology and standards and new international requirements. Special attention is paid to:
    • Packaging Execution Systems: Pharmaceutical packaging lines today are becoming increasingly focused on strategic operational efficiency as industry business models continue to evolve.
    • Distribution/Warehousing Execution Systems: Provide the foundation for the establishment of an unmistakable chain of custody from the manufacturer to the final point of distribution.
    • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: ERP business processes determine the flexibility and value that a business can achieve from its product serialization program.
  • CorpHI's adherence to standards, such as GS1's Drug Pedigree Messaging Standard (DPMS) and EPCIS, reduces project risk, minimizes costs and ensures success in deploying full compliance solutions in the near and long-terms. A DPMS-EPCIS integration is a core pillar in providing the foundation for maximizing business value over the longer term, as well as leveraging the client's existing ERP serialization infrastructure.

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