Monitoring & Reporting

  • Corporate Health Initiatives Consulting (CorpHI) provides metrics and reports that influence process changes at the highest levels in client organizations. CorpHI clients tackle not just the management of a single packaging line and its applicability across a small user base, but also share its experiences and metrics, as well as learn from other organizations. The tightly integrated methodology and technology rollout system enable all of these objectives to be achieved while making possible many areas of cost to be reduced. Working with CorpHI, clients develop packaging lines that address Global Product Authentication and emerging e-Coding/Serialization & Traceability/e-Pedigree requirements from various U.S. States and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Information is of critical importance to any organization and CorpHI clients have recognized the strategic importance of data monitoring and reporting. Information and metrics enable a client's most important business asset, its people. CorpHI has and is using accurate data to connect people with the right information and to empower them to use this information while making decisions and taking appropriate action. CorpHI's Tech-Rollout process, enables client personnel to find, use, and share packaging information, in a timely and secure manner. Some examples of questions that can be addressed through the use of data are:
    • What kinds of system and process changes are needed?
    • In what sequence do changes need to occur?
    • What other business functions or operations may benefit from these changes?

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