• Corporate Health Initiatives Consulting (CorpHI) was formed to meet a market need for global product authentication decision support and research services at affordable prices. The offering is a three-segment broad range of comprehensive and integrated e-coding/serialization and traceability/e-pedigree solutions.
  • Offerings move away from "one-size-fits-all" programs, to unique strategic imperatives that determine how global product authentication strategies and targeted technology investments can be leveraged.
  • They represent innovative and actionable steps that simplify the business of e-coding/serialization and traceability/e-pedigree by allowing clients to gain insight, drill into details and make decisions about processes and technologies.
  • CorpHI believes that a global product authentication system is a business process tightly connected with other existing processes. The introduction of an e-coding/serialization and traceability/e-pedigree road map presents an opportunity to improve and streamline both compliance and business processes.
  • CorpHI maximizes the value of global product authentication system data collected by making them available to other business applications, as well as determining the right technical approach for their integration.
  • CorpHI has experience with various clients, as well as experience with key industry trading partners, and can identify what information is needed from which system, and how it will be accessed. CorpHI will also assist in the testing phase with upstream and downstream partners to ensure that client pedigreed products will be in the channel in time to meet regulatory deadlines.
  • Paul V. Matsiras, Ph.D.   (Biography)   =
    Founding Managing Director

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